We are ready to launch!

Bullet. Investing in the Future of BSC Network

$BULL aims to offer users a fully operational BSC project explorer platform. Bullet plans to leverage blockchain technology to ensure a seamless investment experience and wants to help customers find project gems as early as possible.

Fast. Reliable. Accessible.

Have you been waiting for the Сoinmarket or CoinGecko to update their coin list for 2 weeks? With Bullet, you can get a listing absolutely free of charge at launch.

For developers, we offer code-level integration and automatic merging for a small fee.


Market Explorer

Integrate on the code level and update information about the project in seconds. Track the newest gems on the BSC network and their price in real-time.

Limit Orders

Trade on PancakeSwap with limit orders like on centralized exchange. Manage your funds even in your absence. Say no to sleepless nights.

Analyze & Stake

Monitor the flow of funds and keep track of where the whales and the largest holders are going. Stake $BULL. Analyze chart with automatic TA instruments.

$BULL aims to offer users a fully operational BSC projects explorer platform.