News and Development Update #1

We are already at 500+ members in our telegram group just in a couple of days 🥳 Thank you for coming and welcome!


The preliminary date and time of the pre-sale is Sunday 20:00 UTC. The final confirmation will be given on Sunday at 10:00 UTC. Community help in shilling is appreciated, thank you!


Launch of staking, as a small addition to our platform, will be carried out before all of its other elements — shortly after the end of the presale and in accordance with the roadmap. The staking smart contract is almost complete, soon it will be fully tested on the test network and after that, it will be published on the mainnet.

We have already prepared everything necessary to meet the most complete requirements for listing on CG and CMC. This should provide us with the fastest possible listing speed. The application will be sent on the day of the pre-sale.

Work on the WhitePaper continues and soon it will be published on our website. Be sure you will like it!

Please check our website to get a feel for our platform.

$BULL aims to offer users a fully operational BSC projects explorer platform.