News and development update #2

Greetings and thank you for reading in advance!

First, we would like to thank everyone who entrusted us with their investments at this difficult time for the cryptocurrency world. In this little bit more than 2 weeks after launch the whole crypto market has been highly volatile, the bullish trend is replaced by the bearish one and vice versa several times. As the bullet team, we value your trust, especially in light of the latest events with team reshuffles and delays in the release roadmap. As a reward and additional incentive, we have prepared something for you. Read more about this at the end of the article. Let’s get started!

The application for listing on the СМС was submitted in the first hours of launch, along with the application for the CoinGecko. Our team knows some of the nuances of the algorithms for evaluating projects on these services, and we know how and what information needs to be prepared before applying its fastest processing. We got a listing on CG in less than 40 hours, but something went wrong with the CMC. It looks like the CMC was experiencing some technical problems during the processing of our application. Only a few projects a day received their listing, and there were days when not a single new project was published. In this regard, we sent the application again this week. Together with you, we hope for quick processing of a new application and listing shortly, this is inevitable.

Just as you might have noticed, one of the first points on the release roadmap is the listing on the centralized exchange, CoinTiger. We have an agreement with a representative of the exchange about the possibility of listing immediately after the first release of our platform. This opportunity is not one hundred percent, but very highly probable, and if it happens, we will get a listing on one of the largest exchanges with more than two billion dollars in daily turnover. Keep your fingers crossed!

This week we announced partnership negotiations with one major BSC project. This is a young project with a fairly large audience, and most importantly — really useful and necessary functionality for users and any project. Negotiations are not over yet, we are looking at each other, and if we are confident in the cross-mutual benefits of this partnership, it will be announced immediately after the first release of our platform.

BSC explorer and staking
Currently, the main interface elements of the beta version of the platform are almost completed (and will be presented in the next news update) as well as the main work on the backend. This week, a server security audit was ordered to ensure that project owners’ personal data leaks and users are impossible. At the moment, we are close to finishing work on the server-side and are ready to move on to the next stage before launching the beta. Users and project owners in the first beta version of our product will have access to all the functionality similar to the CMC, plus additional conveniences in the form of a clear and quick listing through integration in the smart contract code.

Due to recent developments within the team, mainly related to our smart contracts, the development of staking is proceeding with a slight lag behind the release roadmap. We do our best to ensure that this lag does not affect the development of the main platform, and primarily focus on it, but if such a situation arises, we will warn you in advance. The staking launch date will be announced separately as soon as we have the knowledge of the final date and time. No more broken promises! In addition, we have prepared a staking functional update that will surely interest you.

Code integration
The main difference between our first release in beta and all other projects is the integration via code. This way of the listing is designed in its architecture to go mainstream. The owner of the BSC project only needs to implement the interface provided by us in one line, fill out the listing application form in the Bullet web application and call the function of his own smart contract. After paying a small tax in BNB and proceeding with an automated check that takes no more than 10 minutes (manual will be added in the next updates), the project is published on the platform. It is also possible to manually add a project on our platform, but project owners using the integration using the code will receive a 20% discount on all current and future Bullet services. We want to become the core standard in BSC, and we are building our architecture with an eye to this.

BNB shares for holders and early adopter rewards program
The question arises, how is BULL involved in this scheme, and what is the point of buying and holding it? BULL will be used as a currency to pay for all future platform services, except for listing tax, and will certainly be in demand in the market. But we want to allow our investors to make money.

20% of all taxes collected in BNB for listing and other services will be reallocated to active investors, and you can earn them simply by keeping and staking BULL.

How it will work:

1. Every time you stake a BULL, you receive reward shares at the end of the staking period along with the BULL rewards.
2. The longer the staking period, the more reward shares you can receive. It is beneficial to stake for a long time.
3. Reward shares can be exchanged for BNB derived from taxes.
4. If you sold your tokens before the exchange, then reward shares will expire.
5. BNB is enough for everyone, and everyone is equal, regardless of the number of your tokens. Your individual stake will be calculated as a percentage of the total BNB reward pool and the total BULL pool. To get the maximum possible percentage in this pool, you just need to stake for a long time, and of course, buy additional tokens :)
6. And most importantly, all early BULL holders will receive double the lifetime individual percentage of the total 20% BNB pool. To count on this bonus, you need to be a BULL holder at the time of June 30 and not sell your tokens until the platform launch.

For those who have sold by this point, it is enough to buy again and not sell until the platform launches. We are trying to make this process easy to understand for everyone who sold or bought at any point by now and understand that delays that happened are confused many, so we want everyone to decide what to do with his investments and trying to avoid complex things like “if you sold you need to rebuy at least 50%, etc”.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for further updates!

$BULL aims to offer users a fully operational BSC projects explorer platform.